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Ice Fishing Depth of Reality
by Rick Paquin

Fishing in the Northland during November is mostly fantasy. Just sitting here, fishless. Dreaming about crappies tapping the ice fly, a chunky walleye sucking down a tipped jigging spoon. Running to the tip-up, line furiously spinning off the spool, with an aggressive Pike hogging its sucker minnow.

Fond thoughts, but only a temporary escape from reality. I need action, some kind of positive activity. Yes, it must relate to catching fish! But what? In about two seconds an idea struck me.

I've got it! It's my eyes! That's right, my eyes in the water. Time to take care of my friend. Good ole FL-8, my trusty depth finder or properly worded, FISH finder! Flashy as he is, his nervous system's shot. Need to get him a new sensor, ok, transducer.

It has served us well. A bit painful, at times, trying to level. My FISH finder helped me see and decipher fish activity. It was indispensable over a school of suspended crappies. Friends were amazed when FL-8 and I out fished them 10-1. For walleyes, not quite as amazing, but helpful none the less.

It's time to get the floating and I might add, self leveling transducer. No more bending over an ice hole fidgeting with the arm constantly. Cussing to myself at the difficulty keeping it level. No sir, I am done with that.

Soon, I'll be running around the house, amazing everyone at how deep the floor is. Not to mention how exciting it is, seeing the depth my hand is at, as it passes under the transducer.

Funny how the little things excite us in November.

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